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Frescoes on the tomb walls depicted Angren's swamps and the beasts that prowled them. Two words were inscribed over the largest of the horrors: Gvaern Ichaer - the Bloody Mistress
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- Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Gernichora, also known as Gvaern Ichaer (Bloody Mistress), was a centuries-old monster that nested in Ysgith. The ancient elves thought she was a fallen goddess, while the local human-folk of Angren believed her to be the spirit of a cursed princess, whose entire retinue had drowned in the bog en-route to her wedding. Gernichora had managed to grab a root before the quagmire swallowed her whole. She screamed for hours, but there wasn't a soul to hear her. Leeches, hundreds of them, covered her from head to toe as she lay helpless. They settled in for a royal feast, and sucked her dry, draining her to the very last drop. Fear and revulsion so completely overwhelmed her spirit, that she couldn't pass into the afterlife. So she came back, revived by Ysgith's magic...

In reality, Gernichora was a repulsive, muck-covered monster who used leeches and ticks - her "fruit" - filled to the brim with her own blood, as offerings to the other monsters of Ysgith. Her blood was so irresistible that it allowed her to mind-control any monster that drank it.

A witcher, Ivo of Belhaven, had been hired by the invading Nilfgaardian force to eradicate the beast. Alas, the witcher could not complete his task as he was wounded in battle. As the filth stood in the way of Queen Meve and her army, it fell onto her to remove this so called Queen of Ysgith.


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