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Geso or Gheso is a province of the Nilfgaardian Empire located on the upper Velda. The river also forms Geso's natural border with Maecht and possibly Metinna as well. Furthermore the province borders with Tir Tochair massif and Korath desert to its east.

The province, divided into prefectures, is managed by prefects on behalf of the Imperator who utilize the many Nilfgaardian Army garrisons stationed here to upkeep order. Local nobility is engaged in family feuds and very much under the influence of Nilfgaardian culture. There are in fact settlements like Glyswen completely populated by settlers from the south and the currency used in Geso is floren.


During the Empire's conquest, the ruler of Geso surrendered to Nilfgaard and allowed the small force that arrived for the occupation to enter his dominion. He then tried to dictate terms to the army which resulted in severe repressions, effectively turning Geso into yet another province.[3]

In the 1260s, the army of the lord of Geso joined forces with insurgents from Ebbing and Maecht and together they created a confederation with an aim to gain sovereignty again. Lord's army was defeated by the forces of the Empire not long after which resulted in many of its fugitives and deserters joining the bandit gangs that plagued the land, especially the Borderland region.

After Geso was completely conquered by Nilfgaard, many Imperial noble families such as the Sweers and the Varnhagens moved in the new province, as well as new Nilfgaardian settlers who repopulated the villages and the cities.

Despite a somewhat chaotic internal situation, Geso sent regiments of mercenaries against Northern Kingdoms when the Second Northern War broke out in 1267. Apart from the rising number of bandits, the lands on upper Velda weren't really afflicted by the conflict.[4]


Geso is a rather mountainous country, abundantly cut by streams,[1] full of ravines, caves, and thickets,[5] but also boasting green valleys as well as high, sun-burnt grasses.[4] There is not much fertile land, but there are plenty of areas suitable for pasture.[1]


Geso exports cloth made of sheep's wool manufactured with the help of mechanical weavers driven by mountain streams.[1] In the settlements on the Bandits' Trail, merchants often buy goods from brigands and thieves from the area above the upper Velda.[5]

National Emblems[]

Emblems in the infobox combine version used in The Witcher Role-Playing Game with the one from Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni. Emblems based solely on Wiedźmin: Gra Wyobraźni can be seen below.

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