Ginter de Lavirac was a fisstech dealer in Novigrad around 1272. However, unlike many others in the drug dealing profession, he was a nobleman. Having an ever entrepreneurial mindset, he saw a chance to fill a void among his class while making a lot of money from it.


If Geralt helps him initially: While Ginter was on his way to speak to his supplier, several bandits began to harass him, knowing he was a dealer and intended to kill him. Luckily Geralt happened along and stepped in. After being saved by the witcher, Ginter then offered to pay Geralt to accompany him "on a stroll", not revealing it was to meet his supplier.

If Geralt declines: Not wanting to take part in shady business, Geralt declined and Ginter left to go see his supplier on his own, likely meeting his end from ambushes along the way.
If Geralt accepts but Ginter dies on the way: Happy to have backup, Ginter started to make his way along the port, but even with Geralt at his back it wasn't enough and Ginter died from an ambush.
If Ginter arrives safely and Geralt backs him: Geralt helped Ginter out of the sticky situation he was in with his supplier, most likely saving his life. Thankful, Ginter then paid Geralt for his help and continued on his way to do more business.
If Ginter arrives safely but Geralt refuses to help him further: Ginter soon realized he'd bitten off more than he could chew and his suppliers moved to kill him for not going with the higher price. Geralt left the two parties alone, resulting in the suppliers killing Ginter.

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