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Goidemar was the third king of Temeria, the son of Gardik and Vulpia, and the half-brother to Leticia Charbonneau (through his father).


While still a prince, he married Riannon, but three years after their wedding the famous Falka rebellion began, during which the pregnant Riannon was accidentally captured. In prison, she gave birth to twins, Fiona[1] and Amavet, and subsequently descended into madness. At the same time the fierce Falka gave birth to a daughter, Adela[1], whom she abandoned to wage war, leaving the child for the mad prisoner to nurse. Goidemar helped fight against the rebellion, winning decisive victories. Soon thereafter the rebellion was suppressed, Falka was captured and burned at the stake, and Goidemar regained his wife - albeit with three children.

Goidemar hired several mages to try to determine which child was not his, and they did succeed, but did not tell the king as that would have resulted in the execution of a two year old child.

After Riannon's death, Goidemar lost all hope that Amavet would become heir. This proved to be true when, due to his son's womanizing behavior, Amavet got himself killed by one particularly vengeful husband, Roger Kameny. Enraged by this, Goidemar pushed for a harsh judgment on the aristocrat, something that hadn't been done in over a century to one of nobility, and with no other choice, the judges ruled for a brutal death. This started to cause resentment as even the nobles who'd denounced the way Roger killed Amavet started to grow wary and some of them attempted a rebellion. Goidemar called for help and King Liam of Cidaris answered, bringing in his army to suppress the rebellion. This help didn't go unnoticed and Goidemar chose to marry Liam's daughter, Adda of Cidaris, with whom he had a second son, Cedric, who continued the Temerian line.

Despite continuing the royal line through Cedric, Goidemar tried to keep an eye on Amavet's illegitimate children through his last affair, Muriel and Crispin. When Crispin disappeared somewhere in Metinna, Goidemar was the only one who worried and longed to find him.

Goidemar died in Maribor at the age of 78 and was buried in the Temerian Royal crypt in Vizima - the very crypt in which Geralt met the striga.


  • After he inherited the throne, he changed the Temerian coat of arms to three silver fleurs de lys on a black field as a memento of winning battles against Falka and getting his wife and children back.[2]


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