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"Do you really wish to know?" — Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!
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Zola was the wife of Yurga, who brought Ciri home with her after finding her in a field.


Warning Ciri[]

Zola noticed Ciri come into town on her own, headed for the coast. So, she warned Ciri to tread carefully. Zola questioned why Ciri was headed for Skellige as the roads weren't safe and the Skelligens were a "grumpy lot." Instead, she offered to give Ciri food and a place to stay. Rather than waiting for Zola to return, Ciri rode off on one of her horses.[1]

Taking Ciri In[]

Zola found Ciri laying in a field unconscious. When Ciri awakened, she explained that she was attacked, however, the Cintrans who attacked her were all dead. Zola helped Ciri to her feet and brought her home with her.

Zola's son, Nadbor, wasn't as welcoming to Ciri as his mother. He surmised that she was trying to out run the war and that his mom was a bleeding heart. She felt bad for Ciri so she took her in. Zola smacked him in the head and asked Ciri to teach her son some manners. Suddenly, a fire ball could be seen shooting across the sky, signaling Nilfgaard's arrival.

Zola tucked Ciri into bed and assured her that everything would be fine. Zola had lived a simple life up to that point. But she'd had everything she could've ever wanted, except for a daughter. She believed it was destiny that led her to Ciri.

Zola was married to a merchant named Yurga. He arrived home with Geralt on his back carriage. Zola told Yurga how she met an orphan girl in the woods nearby. Hearing Yurga's conversation with his wife reminded Geralt of Renfri telling him to find the "girl in the woods." Geralt jumped off the back off the carriage and into the woods.[2]


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