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They soon saw the city; surrounded by walls, bristling with towers with glistening, pointed roofs. And beyond the city was the sea; grey-green, sparkling in the morning sun, flecked here and there with the white dots of sails. Ciri reined in her horse at the edge of a sandy drop, stood up in her stirrups and greedily breathed in the wind and the scent.
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- pg. 50, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

Gors Velen is a port city on the northern coast of the North Sea in Temeria. It is just east of Cidaris, south of Oxenfurt, and northwest of Dorian.

Originally an elven settlement, Gors Velen under the Temerian Dynasty was transformed into one of the most influential trade cities in the west.



Satisfied with the surroundings, the Aen Seidhe founded a settlement in this location. Centuries later, in the 760s, the Nordlings landed. Faced with an expansive new foe, the elves decided to retreat further inland and left the settlement for humans to claim.[1]

Much later, the Nordling settlers, having united the flag of Temeria, constructed thirty-five foot high hewn stone and unfired brick walls, to defend the city against battering rams.[2]

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Erland's Deeds[]

In 1154, the sorceress Rayli unleashed a fire elemental in the Gors Velen marketplace, killing several people. The monsters rampage was ended by Erland of Larvik and his friends, Nylah and Vaz. While the latter two took care of Rayli, the witcher killed the elemental.[3]

In 1171, Erland returned to the city and took out a contract on a pesta that was causing the city problems, which he soon dealt with.[3]

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Foltest's Reign[]

Around 1266, between the First and Second Northern War, King Foltest of Temeria introduced ius stapulae to Gors Velen, blocking all merchandise routes with inspection sites around the city, and seizing any Redanian or Nilfgaardian goods to be sold within the city.[1]

Notable People[]


Kardo Street runs through the city connecting the main gate to the sea gate. The town is also well known for its fish market on Winding Street, whose strong aromas attract the local cat population. In the center of the market stands the "Thief's Bastion".[2]


  • The city's name seems to be Elder Speech, possibly meaning "Velen Marsh" or "Marsh of Velen".