Graden was a Witch hunter in service of King Radovid V stationed with his group in Oxenfurt. Unlike quite a number of his compatriots, he rather thought things over rationally and didn't let himself to be swayed by emotions. He was also among the first hunters who decided to read books describing black magic instead of burning them, so to be better prepared.


In 1272, he took Tamara Strenger under his protection and mentored her so she would be ready to fight potential dangers of Crookback Bog where her mother was. During this time he also met witcher Geralt of Rivia, towards who he acted without prejudice and thanked after a fight in the swamp. Then his band, including Tamara, returned to Oxenfurt.

Journal Entry

Graden was one of the witch hunters in King Radovid's service. Unlike a great many of his comrades, he came across as a level-headed fellow, one free of prejudice, at least in his dealings with witchers.
Geralt's subsequent encounters with Graden confirmed his suspicion that the man was not a typical hunter. Graden was unorthodox in his methods, prioritizing results over ideological purity and a strict adherence to the hunters' codex, even though, as he was undoubtedly aware, this approach would hardly endear him to his superiors.
After the affair in the swamp was over, he returned to Oxenfurt, taking Tamara with him.


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