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Grand Master Jacques campaigning

Grand Master is the supreme leader of the Order of the White Rose, later changed into the Order of the Flaming Rose. His authority is almost but not quite the ultimate power; he does have superiors, the heads of the countries where there are commanderies of the Order.

Ascension Edit

During the existence of the Order of the White Rose, Grand Master was chosen by the Order's Chapter[1] while the Knights of the Flaming Rose had similar assembly referred to as the Order's Supreme Council[2] or the "Holy Congregation".[3]

Known Grand Masters Edit

Order of the White Rose

Order of the Flaming Rose

Notes Edit

  • De Aldersberg is presumably Alvin who, after disappearing from Murky Waters, traveled back in time. When he returned, this is the man he became (see speculations).

References Edit

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  4. In The Witcher it's possible to let Siegfried die thus making his ascendance to this position dependent. He is also dead by default in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings if a saved game isn't imported. However, The Witcher Role-Playing Game makes his survival canon to the games and officially calls him the successor to Jacques de Aldersberg.