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Deep in the waters of the Great Sea, at least three intelligent racesmerpeople, marine sorceresses and nereids – thrive together forming an advanced yet peaceful civilization. This society is separate from that of the vodyanoy and the two sometimes clash against each other.


Although origins of the three races are shrouded in mystery, it certainly goes back centuries before the arrival of Nordlings in the 8th century, as the merpeople and nereids were already found in the sea.[1]

The appearance of nature-loving Aen Seidhe had a significant impact on the Great Sea races, who based their melodic language on the elven Elder Speech.[2] They fought humans on occasions but by the 1250s become to shun from contact with the surface-dwellers.[2]


Structure of the society

TW3 Nereid concept

A chilling nereid

The underwater society and culture are said to be less developed than those of land dwellers, suggesting kind of anarchist community.[3] The merepeople seem to be the most prominent race,[2] while the nereids guard the sea from threats.[3] They seem to have liberal views when it comes to homosexual or non-monogamous relationships.

The role analogous to Nordling and Nilfgaardian magic users is occupied by so-called sea witches, the fucysyas. These marine sorceresses are highly esteemed by other inhabitants of the sea and are reportedly more skilled than human mages in terms of mutating or transforming living creatures: they can change a human into mereperson or otherwise without a pain which would occur when a human mage does a similar attempt.[2]


Inhabitants of the Great Sea seem to rarely use weapons and rely on the help of sharks, dolphins, hippocampi and gargantuan krakens in battle.[2] Tritons are often trained to use tridents in combat.[3] Their most common enemy are vodyanoy, but sometimes they clash with humans when dh'oine damage the sea and its creatures too much.[2]


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