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Gregoire de Gorgon, also known as Gregoire of Mount Gorgon, was a mighty, tall knight errant of Toussaint. He was a previous winner of the knights' tournament of Beauclair.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Blood and Wine expansion[]

Geralt may have encountered Gregoire de Gorgon in the final round of the knights' tournament of Beauclair in 1275, if he reached that stage by winning in all of the previous rounds. This fight would take place in the same arena that hosts the mass melee of the preceding round, at noon on the second day of the tournament. As with most major events of the tournament, this fight was heralded by Le Papillon.

De Gorgon used a two-handed greatsword with strong attacks that dealt relatively high amounts of damage. However, his fighting style also made him somewhat slow and thus vulnerable to fast attacks used in conjunction with ample rolling and dodging. Nonetheless, the knight used the Rend ability and could easily stun or stagger if one was too overzealous in attacking him.

If Geralt defeated Gregoire de Gorgon, he became the reigning champion of the tournament.

Associated Quest[]


  • He is a reference to Ser Gregor Clegane of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series and its adaptations, with similarities in name, build, armor, and sword. For example, "de Gorgon" refers to Mount Gorgon, the tallest mountain in Toussaint, while Gregor Clegane's alias is "The Mountain".
  • His model does not have the proper animation that allows other characters to change between the normal stance, and the combat stance, because of this if he is spawned on the free roam MODE, he will remain in the combat stance with or without his personal sword on hand.