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If you think I'll simply betray to you what I learned through years of sacrifice and toil... then you are mistaken. Deeply.
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- Gremist to Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Gremist was a cantankerous druid and master alchemist in Ard Skellig by the pond, north of Gedyneith who jealously guarded alchemy secrets he had gathered over his life.

He sells a wide variety of ingredients, runestones, glyphs, and alchemical formulae, but will only be a vendor after you complete Practicum in Advanced Alchemy.


Unlike many other druids, Gremist was rather standoffish, wishing to be left alone: more precisely he became a druid specifically so he wouldn't be bothered by people and their petty matters and have to feign compassion when he felt none.

Despite this gruff manner though, he did have a few close friends, like Fritjof, and, when drunk, actually showed a happier side.

However, having spent countless years toiling away at learning all he could about alchemy, he didn't wish to take on an apprentice for the mere sake that he went through a lot of trouble to learn what he knew.

If Geralt helps him out: Reluctantly, Gremist accepted Geralt's help and gave him three tasks to complete before he'd accept the witcher as his apprentice. With the alcohol Geralt recovered, Gremist and Fritjof got drunk and recalled fun times they had in the past before Gremist, true to this promise, taught Geralt what he knew, albeit in a drunk state.

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