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Gudrun Bjornsdottir was the leader of the Tidecloaks and one of the founders of the Syndicate, a major criminal organization influential in Novigrad since 1267.[1]

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gudrun is a Syndicate leader introduced in the Novigrad Update.

Reward Tree entries

Scroll 1: Gudrun had once been a terror of the Great Sea. At the mere sight of her dreaded longship, the Flyndr, merchant vessels would hoist their white flags of surrender without a moment's delay.
Scroll 2: That is, until the day the cutthroat Skelliger decided to offload her bounty in Novigrad... Then resolved to settle there forever.
Scroll 3: For you see, the Free City of Novigrad is laden with great riches. Why prowl the vast seas in search of unknown treasures when much more had been so conveniently concentrated already in one place?
Scroll 4: The Flyndr remains to this day moored in Novigrad's port, its deck floating scarcely above the waves. Has it fallen into disrepair or taken on water, you ask? No, no... The truth is simply that precious metals in immense quantities can prove rather heavy.
Chest 1: The pirates under Gudrun's command learned quickly that the hooks they'd long used for boarding ships would perform equally well on the multistory buildings of Novigrad. Nowadays, whenever prudent Novigradians hear something clank and scrape across their roofs, they quickly gather their most valuable possessions and hurry to lock themselves in the cellar.
Chest 2: On the Skellige Isles, women and men stand on equal footing. Both learn the arts of war and seafaring. Despite this widespread knowledge of Skellige's customs, many mainland folk give a snort and a wink at the sight of Skellige's warrior women, thinking their weapons serve merely as decorative trinkets. Gudrun has always relished opportunities to personally educate folk on the consequences of their ignorance.
Chest 3: Many Novigradians have tried to woo the beauteous pirate's heart with exquisite floral bouquets and romantic ballads. Despite these persistent efforts, Gudrun always firmly rejected their advances, for her heart had belonged to someone else...




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