Gunter Craggs, affectionally known as Grandad, was an innkeeper and owner of The Boar tavern in Novigrad during the 13th century.[1]


Being born into the Craggs family meant Gunter inherited a centuries-old tradition that started when his great-grandfather's grandfather established The Boar. Although his first wife and progeny died in a pogrom which took place throughout the city sometime in the 1240s, Gunter managed to survive thanks to being on a business travel at the time. To ensure that the Craggs' tradition will continue, he decided to save the life of one orphan left after the pogrom, raising him as his own. During childhood years, his foster-son used to run about the tavern and every now and then cried "Grandad! Grandad!". Both the personnel and regular customers had called him Grandad ever since.

The old Gunter used to spend most of his days in a big room, smoking his pipe and overlooking the guests from his padded armchair set on a platform near the wall. He never served, for such work he employed young girls, but often sat with travelers for a chat. Gunter liked to tell stories about his family or Novigrad to everybody eager to listen, and there was always plenty of those, as the innkeeper always ordered a free beer for them.


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