Guthlaf, son of Sven, was a loyal seneschal of Crach an Craite. He oversaw Kaer Trolde citadel for long years until dying at Sedna Abyss in 1267.

Biography Edit

Assigned to Yennefer during her stay on Skellige in 1267, Guthlaf was to find and get everything the sorceress needed and later grew to like her. He commanded drakkar named "Alkyone" during the Yennefer's trip onto the Sedna Abyss, where he was killed by Vilgefortz along with seven other volunteers.[1]

The following is considered game canon only and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works.

After Guthlaf's death, the rank of seneschal was given to cupbearer Arnvald, a nifty man who nevertheless didn't possess such far-reaching authority.[2]

End of game canon content.

References Edit

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