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Gwent: Big City Players is one of the gwent-related secondary quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Players Edit

Basics Edit

The vibrant city of Novigrad contains some really talented Gwent players all over town. Everyone of them contains a strong unique card you should definitely collect for you Gwent collection.

Your opponents in this Gwent quest are all characters that you'll encounter when completing the main quest-line of The Witcher 3. You can talk with them about all sorts of things but they'll also offer you to challenge them in a game of Gwent as a dialogue option once you've started the quest.

Journal entry Edit

Novigrad is a cosmopolitan city, a true melting pot of diverse diversities. It thus comes as no surprise that the Free City contains a multitude of top-class gwent players from all strata and races, each linked by the fact that they possess highly powerful cards. Geralt decided to make the rounds of the Novigrad gwent circuit and win these cards for himself.
Four victories later, Geralt had four new cards at his disposal and was well-equipped to go out and win even greater victories in the future.

Objectives Edit

  • Win Vimme Vivaldi's unique card.
  • Win a unique card from the Marquise Serenity.
  • Win a unique card from Dijkstra.
  • Win a unique card from a member of the Scoia'tael band.

Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes the quest will auto-complete before you actually get a chance to play Dijkstra and the Scoia'tael merchant. This can be triggered if you first beat Vimme Vivaldi and Marqiuse Serenity before you meet Sigi Reuven. If this occurs, you will often not be able to challenge the neither Dijkstra nor the merchant for their cards. Therefore, it is advisable to reload the game to a point prior to having completed this quest, and plan ahead accordingly.
    • The above bug will occasionally resolve itself when the player further progresses the main quest. Encountering Dijkstra allows the player to challenge him to gwent and continue the quest.