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Gwent: Old Pals is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Note: For those looking to get the Card Collector achievement, this quest must be completed.

The XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level rewarded in this quest is unaffected by the ±5 level constraint and difficulty level.


You can pick up this quest a number of ways, though the easiest is during the main quest starting with Broken Flowers, where you meet Geralt's old friend, Zoltan.

Note: Getting Zoltan to play a game is not so easy as his dialogues change depending on where you are with the main quest. There are only two occasions to play him during Broken Flowers. 1st is after reporting back to him after talking to all the girls, simply talk to him again and he will be available for a round. 2nd is after talking to Priscilla at the end of the quest simply talk to him while he is leaving. If you fail on both occasions you will have to wait until you complete A Poet Under Pressure whereupon he will also give you the quest A Dangerous Game.

Once beaten he'll give 25 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level and the Eithné card. If he's the first one you met and beat out of the group, he'll direct you to play Vernon Roche, who's hiding out at Temerian Partisan Hideout.

If you haven't already met Roche, head out and after a small conversation with one of his men, Roche will appear and will be available to play. Once he's beaten he'll give 25 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level and the Saesenthessis card. If you haven't already played Lambert, he'll then direct you to play your fellow witcher, though depending on where you are in various quests, you'll have to wait a bit on this. He'll also hint at another player but won't drop his name if you're too early in the main quest line.

The quickest way outside the main storyline to play Lambert is by doing the secondary quest Following the Thread and continue the quest until you're given the objective to meet him at The Nowhere Inn. When you meet him there, when given the chance to say "let's go" or "I'll meet you there" pick the latter and Lambert will begin to walk away. Talk to him as quickly as possible (if he moves too far away from you he'll disappear to the next quest location) and challenge him to a game of gwent. However, you can also play with Lambert right after completing the quest, just talk to him as he is walking away and he will be available for a match. Alternatively you can follow him back to The Nowhere Inn and challenge him there, but don't leave him out of your sight or he will disappear. However, if you failed to challenge him on both occasions then, continue the main storyline as normal and you'll eventually be able to challenge him again at Kaer Morhen. Beating him at either location gives another 25 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level and the Triss Merigold card.

Note: This part is only available if A Deadly Plot has been completed prior to playing with Roche. If it was not then Thaler is excluded from this quest and he will be played as part of Gwent: Playing Thaler once A Deadly Plot is completed.

After beating Roche he will direct you to Thaler (and Lambert of course) who now spends his time at the Seven Cats Inn. However, he cannot be played during Reason of State and he can also die during that quest, so it's best to play him before that. Once you beat him you will earn 25XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level and the powerful Geralt of Rivia card.

Journal Entry[]

Gwent is played for pleasure, a pleasure that is highest when playing in good company - and the best company of all is that of old and true friends. Geralt thus sought out some of his long-time companions for a hand or two of gwent - and the chance to win powerful cards from each of them.
Geralt had a wonderful time slapping down cards with familiar faces and added several powerful new cards to his collection while he was at it.


  • Win a unique card from Vernon Roche.
  • Win a unique card from Thaler.
  • When you get a chance, win a unique card from Lambert.
  • Win a unique card from Zoltan.