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Gwent: Skellige Style is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Objectives Edit

Journal entry Edit

Gwint [sic] is played wherever long evenings, warm fires and strong alcohol are present – meaning it is quite popular in the Skellige Isles. Skellige players rank among the best there is, so Geralt decided to try his hand against them and see if he could win their most powerful cards.
The Skelligers had even better decks than Geralt had expected – yet still he defeated them and added their prize cards to his collection.

Notes Edit

  • Ermion cannot be challenged until after Echoes of the Past is concluded, even though his quest marker is visible as early as Destination: Skellige.
  • Defeating Ermion unlocks Crach an Craite and Gremist as players.
  • Defeating Crach an Craite will unlock Sjusta as an opponent.
  • Gremist cannot be challenged until after Practicum in Advanced Alchemy is concluded.
  • Defeating Gremist earns players the right to challenge Madman Lugos. Very useful if this quest overlaps with King's Gambit.