Tw3 gwent morale

Gwent morale boost cards add +1 strength to all units in the row in which they are played, excluding themselves. The point is added on after all other abilities (e.g. 3 matching tight bond cards will multiply to get their bonus first, then get a point each from morale booster).

Icon Name Type Row Str. Source Deck
Tw3 icon gwent soldier scoiatael
Isengrim Faoiltiarna Hero Tw3 gwent close combat 10 during A Dangerous Game, looted from Zed's house Tw3 gwent deck Scoiatael
Tw3 icon gwent siege northern realms
Kaedweni Siege Expert Unit Tw3 gwent siege 1 Part of the base deck Tw3 gwent deck Northern Realms
Tw3 icon gwent range monsters
Kayran Hero Tw3 gwent close-ranged 8 Random reward from gwent players Tw3 gwent deck Monsters
Tw3 icon gwent range scoiatael
Milva Unit Tw3 gwent ranged combat 10 during A Matter of Life and Death, win a match at the masquerade ball at the Vegelbud Estate Tw3 gwent deck Scoiatael
Tw3 icon gwent melee skellige
Olaf BAW_English_logo.png Unit Tw3 gwent close-ranged 12 Won from The Adder and Jewels Winery's sommelier Tw3 gwent deck Skellige
Tw3 icon gwent soldier neutral
Olgierd von Everec HOS_English_logo.png Unit Tw3 gwent close-ranged 6 Won from playing Shani Neutral Card
Tw3 icon gwent melee skellige
Transformed Vildkaarl BAW_English_logo.png Unit Tw3 gwent close combat 14 N/A (replaces Young Berserker when a madroeme card is played on its row) Tw3 gwent deck Skellige
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