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Haern Caduch[1], known also as Haern Cadvch,[1] Haern Cadwch[1] or Bear Keep, was a seat of the witcher School of the Bear. Built on the snowy heights of the Amell Mountains, it served the Bears until they were forced to abandon it due to folk riots. Though it might been left in disrepair or been buried by time or the elements, it is believed that the Bear Keep still stands in the mountains and some long-time members may have come back to re-occupy it as witchers are neccesary again.[2]

The School of the Bear made their home within the frigid halls of Haern Caduch—a remote fortress nestled within the peaks of the Amell mountains. Survival within its unwelcoming walls proved a constant challenge, particularly for the younger adepts. If one wasn’t huddled by the warmth of the hearth to stave off frostbite or scrambling under pelts to stave off hypothermia, there was always the never-ending removal of snow from the courtyard… It is no wonder Bear Witchers have shown extraordinary endurance—even when compared to their peers.

Eventually, many believe due to their glacial dispositions, surrounding villages banded together, agreed they would rather share the mountain with the monsters than the witchers, and marched on the keep. Having little to no bonds of brotherhood amongst themselves, they decided to part ways with both Haern Caduch and each other rather than partake in a meaningless slaughter.

The stronghold itself remains relatively intact to this day, albeit hidden under an ever increasingly thick layer of snow.

Known inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One of the possible translations of the castle's name could be "Piercing Whiskers".
    • Word haern appeared in an inscription on Geralt's silver sword: Dubhenn haern am glândeal ..., which is said to mean My glare will pierce through darkness ....[6] Dubhenn seems to tenote darkness and am is presumably my but the exact meaning of the two remaining words remains uncertain.
    • In Welsh, cadwch can mean whiskers or brow and frown or scowl.

References[edit | edit source]

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