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How symbolic (...) After all, it was at Hagge, not forty years ago, that Virfuril defeated Medell's armies, strengthened his control over the Pontar Valley and established today's borders between Aedirn and Temeria.
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- Emhyr var Emreis, pg. 228 Blood of Elves (UK edition)

Hagge is a castle in the northern kingdom of Aedirn.


Virfuril's Reign

Around 1228, King Virfuril defended Aedirn at Hagge, against King Medell of Temeria's invading army, properly establishing the borders between the two kingdoms.[1]

Northern Wars

In 1267, the rulers of the Northern Kingdoms, Meve, Foltest, Vizimir II, Henselt and Demavend III met at Hagge, to discuss strategic decisions on the Nilfgaard offensive. They decided to wipe out the Scoia'tael and hunt down and kill Ciri.[1]

At some point during the Northern Wars, a battle commenced at Hagge.[2]

Known Residents