Hakland or Haakland is a land located east of the Tir Tochair and Fiery Mountains, beyond Elskerdeg Pass,[2] lying further than Zerrikania, which it borders in the northeast.[3]

History Edit

Horse warriors from Hakland attacked the Northern Kingdoms sometime before the 13th century.[4]

In 1350, a large-scale Haak Invasion occurred when they raided the North again.[5] Coming through like a storm, they burned, slaughtered, and feasted on the ruins, drinking from the skulls of their fallen enemies for an entire year.[3]

Society and culture Edit

Haak people are said to be the finest horsemen in the world, learning the art as babies before they even learn to walk.[3] They are also remarkable archers and combining this with excellence in horsemanship, they become formidable warriors.[6]

Economy Edit

Smooth silk, sold for large sums in Redania, comes from Hakland.[7]

Notable people Edit

References Edit

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