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Halbjorn was the son[1] of Holger Blackhand.


In 1272, Halbjorn attended the wake at Kaer Trolde that followed King Bran's death. There, he sat at the table reserved for the children of jarls, along with Cerys an Craite, Blueboy Lugos, and Otrygg an Hindar. They were all later joined briefly by Geralt and Yennefer. At the end of the wake, Halbjorn was among those who put forth a claim to the throne of Skellige.

Later that year, Halbjorn was one of many victims killed by the Vildkaarl massacre at Kaer Trolde.

Journal Entry

Young Halbjorn was the nephew of Holger Blackhand, the jarl of Faroe, and one of the claimants to Skellige's crown.
Despite his young age he had already managed to achieve some renown, both during overseas raids and while fighting the monsters dwelling in the dangerous regions of the archipelago. His deeds had earned him enough fame, name-recognition and treasure that he stood a good chance of being elected king.
Halbjorn's courage and bravery were not enough, however, to save him from the massacre of Kaer Trolde.

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  • His journal entry incorrectly spells his name as "Hjalborn". Cerys and Geralt also pronounce his name as "Hjalborn".
  • At the wake, Cerys introduces Halbjorn as the son of Holger Blackhand, a statement which Geralt may then acknowledge by replying that the table at which they are sat is only occupied by the children of jarls. However, Halbjorn's journal entry incorrectly states that he is the nephew of Holger Blackhand.


  1. According to in-game dialogue in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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