Halflings, sometimes called hobbits and in Elder Speech Pherian, are one of the non-human races and, despite the name, are actually a distinct race and not mixed, like half-elves.

Unlike gnomes and dwarves whom they have best relations with, halflings don't have any traditional dominion ruled and inhabited exclusively by them. Instead, they live in human countries of Northern Kingdoms, despite the prejudice, and Nilfgaardian Empire.

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All halflings are chubby and rather short, standing between two and four feet tall,[1] and their big feet are covered with curly hair up to shins. Because of this, they do not usually wear any shoes.[2] Their hair varies from a chestnut brown to blonde or red even and is said to be as curly as ram's fleece.[4]

Their clothing is usually modest, pleasant and neat, in bright and pastel colors[5] with pistachio-green seemingly being one of their favorites.[2][6]

Halflings are also immune to majority of magic including the beautifying glamour cosmetic which, to the great sorrow of hobbit girls, has no effect on whatsoever.[7]

Personality Edit

Generally speaking, halflings are a peaceful and calm rustic folk, more interested in the comforts of home than adventures and warfare. They deal mainly with agriculture and as such are mostly farmers, stockbreeders and merchants.[2] Their large farms, like Hirundum near Gors Velen in Temeria, often provide food not only for local halflings but also for the entire surrounding region.[4] Indeed, their passion for food and drinks is well known and their cuisine includes delicacies like a roast goose in pear sauce.[8]

It would seem that they are an easy prey for various thugs or slave hunters but nothing could be further from the truth. When a need arises, halflings show their exceptional agility, incredible speed and talent at throwing all sorts of missiles unerringly. Some halflings joined the Scoia'tael guerrilla bands during the Second Northern War.[9]

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