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"In preparation for an assignment, an assassin applies Hanged Man's Venom to his blade. He grinds the ingredients with a mortar and pestle until he gets a thick paste, and then lightly coats the tools of his trade while taking care to keep the substance from touching his skin. Then comes the hard part, but even a hastily aimed slash can be fatal if Hanged Man's Venom slips into the wound."

Hanged Man's Venom poisons wounded opponents, yet it is ineffective against monsters whose physiology differs greatly from that of humans. It offers a "considerable" chance of poisoning a foe.

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Geralt begins the game with four of these. The formula for this oil can be bought from Fioravanti in Flotsam or Felicia Cori in Vergen and Loc Muinne.

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Hanged Man's Venom is a toxin that is equally lethal to humans, elves and dwarves. Applied to a blade, it deals more damage than any other coating.
This oil is ineffective against monsters.

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Hanged Man's Venom returns as an oil in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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