Hanna (died 1272) was a woman who lived in the village of Blackbough, Velen.


Hanna was married to a hunter named Niellen, with whom she lived in the village of Blackbough. Unbeknownst to Hanna, her husband was in fact a werewolf who secluded himself in the forest during full moons to avoid harming any of the local populace.[1] However, Hanna's sister, Margrit, was incredibly jealous of Hanna's relationship with Niellen, even after she'd learned of Niellen's lycanthropy. Thus, on one of the nights when Niellen transformed, Margrit led Hanna to the woods in the hopes that her sister would see Niellen for what he really is and forsake him. Tragically, Niellen, while in werewolf form, managed to get his hands on Hanna and rip her to shreds as she had wandered too close to him, while Margrit got away.



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