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- Hemdall's war cry, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Hemdall is a hero of myths and sagas of Skellige. According to legend, there is a magical golden rooster known as Kambi whose task it is to awaken Hemdall before the Last Battle between the forces of good and evil known as "Ragh nar Roog". He will stand on Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge, and blow his horn to signal that it is time to take up arms and fight against specters of Chaos from Mörhogg.[2]

Several stories also connect him to Freya, the goddess of fertility and beauty. One of these stories claims that he is her son while another makes Hemdall her favorite and lover.[3]

However, a goddess that is widely accepted by all people of Skellige as a summer lover of Hemdall is Heulyn, who reportedly bore him six sons that became heroes in their own rights and founded the reigning clans. The sons were Grymmdjarr, Tyr, Broddr, Modolf, Otkell and Sove and the clans Clan an Craite, Clan Tuirseach, Clan Dimun, Clan Drummond, Clan Heymaey and Clan Brokvar respectively.[1]





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