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"Hendrik" (real name unknown) was a Nilfgaardian agent living in Heatherton to spy and report on the local population.


Taking on the guise as a merchant, Hendrik secretly took notes on those in the area. In particular, he was tasked with finding and reporting as much information as he could on Ciri back to the emperor.

Sometime in 1272 the Wild Hunt, in their attempt to find Ciri for themselves, learned of Hendrik's true motives and appeared in Heatherton for the information. They attacked the village, killing many of the populace, but Hendrik hid in his hut. They found him, however, despite brutally torturing the spy, they never found his notes on Ciri before they killed him and left empty-handed. Shortly thereafter Geralt, who'd been sent by Emhyr var Emreis to see the spy, found Hendrik's corpse and thus had to use his skills to find the spy's notes.

Journal Entry[]

Considering the way spy corps of all stripes tend to function, "Hendrik" was undoubtedly not this man's real name. Nevertheless, that was the only appellation the witcher knew for His Imperial Majesty's nose to the ground in Velen.
After asking around, Geralt learned a "Hendrik" lived in the village of Heatherton.
Sadly, Geralt arrived too late. The village had been ravaged, its inhabitants slaughtered and Hendrik's service to Nilfgaard terminated in a most violent and disturbing manner.
Yet the agent showed such determination before he died that Vattier de Rideaux, chief of the imperial spy corps, surely beamed with pride if he ever heard of it. Despite undergoing horrific tortures, Hendrik preferred to die in agony rather than reveal where he hid his reports. They remained in his hut for Geralt to find, providing him with several pieces of important information.

Associated Quest[]