Hengfors, bordered by Malleore, Caingorn, and Yamurlak,was, throughout its history, an independent city-state, being the seat of power for the House of Thyssen when they had East March, as well as the historical capital of Caingorn and Audoen's kingdom. Currently, it's the capital of Hengfors League and located in Caingorn.

King Niedamir rules from his palace located here. It is situated between the Dragon and Kestrel mountain ranges on the Braa. The city is a major crossroads. Crinfrid, town of famous The Reavers, is also located nearby.

History Edit

In the 1220s, Audoen separate Hengfors from Kovir during the Secession of Poviss and formed there his miniature kingdom, which included Arcsea. But the realm was short lived - Arcsea was annexed by Redania. Hengfors then became the capital of Caingorn and Hengfors League under Audoen's son, Niedamir.

Notable people Edit

Locations Edit

  • The Palace and manor of Niedamir

Notes Edit

  • The city is inaccurately placed on many maps made for the games as being outside of Caingorn, when it was actually its capital.