Hengfors League, formerly the East March of Kovir, is one of the minor northern kingdoms. During the Secession of Poviss in which King Baldwin Thyssen was overthrown, Kovir lost control of East March and the land was divided into minor kingdoms and duchies, which were later re-united by Niedamir of Caingorn.

The capital city of the league is Hengfors, also the capital of Caingorn. The region is situated between the Dragon and Kestrel mountain ranges on the Braa.

Like Kovir and Poviss, the League maintained neutrality during the Second Nilfgaard War.

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The League adopted Caingorn's emblem as their king, Niedamir, came from this kingdom. He then tried to change the silver griffin to a gold dragon to show his heroism in trying to hunt a golden dragon named Villentretenmerth, but this was mocked by the others and so he went back to the original emblem.[2]

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