Hierarch Square is one of the main squares of Novigrad while surrounding it is simply called city center. Many nobles live here, situated in front row seats to the regular executions of mages conducted by the witch hunters.

The square is littered with trading posts and market stalls, much like the nearby Fish Market. It hosts several merchants, including an herbalist, and an armorer in an alcove beneath one of the buildings on the western side. One of the merchants possesses sizeable amounts of mandrake cordial and cherry cordial - two of the ingredients required for making white gull which is used in many higher-level alchemical recipes.

One could take out a loan, or convert orens and florens into Novigrad crowns at the Vivaldi Bank overseen by Vimme Vivaldi.

The stone steps on the square's eastern side lead up to the Kingfisher Inn, known for hosting performances by the famous trobairitz Priscilla, better known by her stage name Callonetta.

Triss' ransacked house can be accessed through a gate on the south side of the square.

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Until quite recently a great many mages lived near Novigrad's main square. They fled when the witch hunters began their reign of terror, leaving many of the city's most beautiful townhouses abandoned and uncared for.

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