Himsbach was a noble knight and Aedirnian royal guard (along with Anselm) in 1271 who tried to shield his king, Demavend III, from Letho. He died trying to defend him, along with Anselm, Tybalt, and Abelard.

The Witcher 2 Digital Artbook description[edit | edit source]

Though in the scene as a whole these royal guards are mere background figures, they are as detailed as any primary character. Both men-at-arms wear chainmail and breastplates, which meant their clothing needed to be animated differently than that of the other fight participants. Due to the effort we put into creating them, we decided these initially nameless defenders of the king deserved mention.

Enhanced Edition CGI Intro[edit | edit source]


The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings - Intro

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