Hindarsfjall is the smallest[1] island in the Skellige archipelago. Located closely behind Undvik, it has a conical shape, many fjords and the landscape is covered by a lush vegetation and forest.[2]

There lies the sacred grove Hindar and Temple of Freya which is tended by the high priestess. Located just off the coast is also another mythical place, a great rock called Kaer Hemdall.


In 1267, when Ciri had gone missing, Yennefer convinced Jarl Crach an Craite to accompany her to the island. There she spoke with the priestesses of the Temple of Freya and the then-high priestess, Modron Sigrdrifa, regarding a possibility of urgent rent of powerful Brisingamen.[2]

The following is considered game canon only and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works.

When Ciri teleported to the island in 1272 and was treated at a home in the village of Lofoten, she also briefly visited the local sauna before leaving. Upon leaving, however, the Wild Hunt attacked the village. Ciri managed to flee on horseback with Skjall's help.

Sometime later Yennefer and Geralt visited this village whilst searching for Ciri learning that she was there and in the presence of Skjall, who had since gone to sacred gardens to fight Morkvarg and died. Geralt found his body and Yennefer performed necromancy on it to discover information about Ciri, but ultimately killed the energy of the place. For this, the priestesses declared that no Islander is permitted to feed, shelter or help Yennefer.[3]

End of game canon content.




  1. While the island is much larger than either Faroe and An Skellig in the game, Hindarsfjall is named as the smallest island in the books.
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