The Witcher

Honeysuckle – The leaves of a plant growing on barren terrain.


  • Plants of Barren Lands
  • After completing the Daily Bread quest, Geralt can give any meat food to the elves in and around the cave. Any elf inside the cave at night will unlock han and mandrake root in return. The elf who stays outside of the cave even at night will give entries for Honeysuckle and bryonia instead.
  • An "Old peasant woman" around the village in Murky Waters (the one wearing a hat like the Clerks' and the female Innkeeper's) will mention Dandelion wanted her to tell Geralt about local herbs. She will give entries for ginatia, Honeysuckle, and berbercane. She may not appear in the village until the Daily Bread quest is complete.


  • A random paramedic in Old Vizima asks for honeysuckle or hop umbels in Chapter V, in return she gives the journal entries for Ifrits and Pyrite.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Honeysuckle is an alchemy ingredient and is needed to craft the following items:

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