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Hotspurn (Polish: Hotsporn) (d. 1267) was a member of the Guild of Merchants who seemingly took an interest in the Rats, among other bands. His position within the guild meant that he was quite well informed about politics, local authorities and the movements of shipments.

In fact, he was quite well acquainted with Giselher and the two of them had worked out an elaborate system of signs and signals which allowed the Rats to know when and where shipments of goods were being transported. Also, shipments and convoys which were not to be interfered with were marked. This permitted the Rats some easy looting and also meant that certain members of these convoys could be conveniently dispatched by the Rats. All in all, an effective exchange of services.

Hotspurn knew that Leo Bonhart had a contract on the Rats and warned that gang that the bounty hunter was in Jealousy. During the same meeting, he advised the Rats that in celebration of his upcoming wedding, the emperor had declared an amnesty for any outlaws who turned themselves in and confessed their crimes. He strongly suggested that the Rats take advantage of this opportunity, given that Bonhart was so close, not to mention the Baron of Casadei and some others.

He was the original owner of the horse Kelpie, a magnificent black mare which he could summon by rubbing a magic bracelet. After leaving the Rats, he announced that he would go north on business, but that he would meet up with the gang later. Incensed to learn that an imposter was posing as the heir to the throne of Cintra, Ciri (still calling herself Falka) decided to leave the Rats and catch up with Hotspurn and get more information.

Having caught up with him, the two decided to head north towards Cintra together. They were, however, set upon by Windsor Imbra, the seneschal of Baron of Casadei from Geso, and his company. Hotspurn was mortally wounded in their scape by a crossbow bolt. Using his last opportunity, he convinced Ciri to give herself to him, but died in her arms before he could complete the deed. Ciri took his bracelet and summoned his horse. She then set out for Jealousy alone hoping to save the Rats, although Hotspurn forbade her to go there, since the bounty-hunter Leo Bonhart was waiting fo her.[3]


  • He was about 30 years old.


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