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House of Raven or House of Ravens-Cerbins, sometimes known as the Coram dynasty or simply the Cerbins, is a Cintran royal family descending from Cerbin, the first king of Cintra whose name means "raven" in the Elder Speech. He owed the name to a helmet adorned with black raven wings.

Apart from having personal epithets, each of Cerbin's descendant was known as the "Son of Raven" or the "Daughter of Raven". In accordance with a family custom, they named their children with names that began with "C" up until the 13th century.


It was founded in the 11th century by King Cerbin as the ruling dynasty of his newly established Kingdom of Cintra. Their coat of arms, however, presenting three golden lions passant in a field azure, is much older than that. Dating back to the 760s, it was used by the chieftain who led the first Nordlings to the mouth of Yaruga.[1]

King Cerbin married Princess Becca of Nazair and had many children with her. The eldest son Correl inherited the throne and by marrying Eschiva of Sodden introduced the right to "Soddener fief, belonging to us, the descendants of Eschiva, blood of the blood and bone of the bone of the rightful princes of Sodden" in official decrees.[2]

The pair's firstborn son, King Coram I, once went to visit King Egon of Lyria along with his brother Ceran. There, the two fell in love with Egon's twin daughters Impecca and Rigoberta and shortly after two weddings followed. Coram I married Rigoberta and returned to Cintra. Ceran stayed with Impecca and became king of Lyria after Egon, thus founding the Lyrian branch. He then introduced the three lions into the Lyrian emblem.[3] At some point the lions of Cintra became part of Rivia's blazon as well.[4]

Most of the Cintran royal family and its branches died in the slaughter of Cintra fighting Nilfgaard with the only exception being Ciri who went missing (and whose place in the political game of power was then taken by an impostor) The Lyrian branch continued through Meve and her two sons.[5]


Family tree[]

Becca of Nazair
Eschiva of Sodden
Lyrian Line
Cirra of Cintra
Coram I
Temerian Line
Redanian Line
Kaedwenian Line
Coram II
Elen of Kaedwen
House of Emreis
Roegner of Ebbing
Calanthe Fiona Riannon
Eist Tuirseach
False Ciri
Emhyr var Emreis
Pavetta Fiona Elen
Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon