The House of Thyssen was a dynasty founded by Godamba Thaess'en. By the time of Esteril's rule, the dynasty ruled the Kingdom of Kovir and Poviss.

History[edit | edit source]

The origins and growth of Thyssens[edit | edit source]

The founder of the family was Godamba Thaess'en, an impoverished nobleman from Kovir. He had 15 sons, however, we only know the name of his firstborn, Scarab Thyssen. The Thyssens were not an influential family, but they slowly built their influence and wealth until they reach the top. Despite this, Scarab Thyssen stylized himself as "Baron", but was really a warrior and robber that led a wasteful lifestyle and was later killed under unknown circumstances (possibly by his people when dividing plunder).

Way to crown[edit | edit source]

After the death of Scarab, his son Otto Thyssen become head of the family. Otto helped out the House of Troyden by fighting with Redanians and Kaedweni. As thanks, King Gedovius Troyden rewarded him with knighthood and from that time on the Thyssens were real nobles with the title of Count. Otto married the elf Deirdre aep Calhall, with whom he had a daughter and two sons.

After the death of Otto, the new head of the family was his older son, Guido Thyssen. At that time the Thyssens were already powerful, influential, and rich, but their importance began to grow even more. Guido continued his father's work and bravely defended Kovir's borders, which didn't go unnoticed by King Gerard Troyden. Surprisingly, at a very young age, he was appointed as Margrave of East March. This heightened Guido's (and therefore the family's) status and the king himself trusted him, as this position was almost equal to the king. With this title, Margrave Guido received the hand of Klaudia Starhemberg, which gained him even more prestige. From this marriage the couple had three children: a son, Edmund, and two daughters, Ramona and Berengaria.

At that time, the Thyssen's position was strong enough that neighboring kingdoms showed interested in them. Ramona married Vizimir I The Old, King of Redania, and Berengaria married Cedric, King of Temeria. The true prestige and exaltation came with the marriage between Margrave Edmund and Alicja Troyden, the younger daughter of King Gerard.

At the time, King Gerard had an even older daughter, Anna, and three sons, but they all tragically died. This made the son of Alicja and Edmund, Esteril Thyssen, successor to the crown and, after the death of King Gerard, Esteril inherited the throne of Kovir and Poviss.

Rule of Thyssens as monarchs of Kovir and Poviss[edit | edit source]

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Family Members[edit | edit source]

Family tree[edit | edit source]

Godamba Thaess'en
Unknown Woman
8 unnamed sons
Scarab Thyssen
Unknown Woman
6 unnamed daughters
Otto Thyssen
Deirdre aep Calhall
Klaudia Starhemberg
Guido Thyssen
Unnamed Son
Unnamed daughter
House of Troyden
Ramona Thyssen
Berengaria Thyssen
Edmund Thyssen
Alicja Troyden
Aedirn Line
Redanian Line
Temerian Line
Xymena Thyssen
Esteril Thyssen
Agnes of Aedirn
Baldwin Thyssen
Marion Thyssen
Eudoxia Thyssen
Esterad Thyssen
Tankred Thyssen
Heloiza Thyssen
Gaudemunda Thyssen
Prince Vermuellen
Guiscard Vermuellen
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