The House of Troyden (Polish: Trojden) was a dynasty originated by Troyden, earl of Kovir. While it was expected that the House pay tribute to the king of Redania, they chose not to and passed all titles on to family members. As a result, they were not welcome in Tretogor nor were they invited to any official ceremonies.

National Emblems Edit

COA Troyden2 CoA Kovir-Poviss old2

The current coat of arms, used by Troyden, is based on Ciri's family tree from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The second one by SMiki55 and the third one by Mboro, depicts the coat of arms of the dynasty after the marriage of Gedovius and Gemma. Since this event the crest contains both the Redanian Eagle and the Kaedweni Unicorn.[2]

Family members Edit



Family tree Edit

Unknown Man
Unknown Woman
Radovid I
Redanian Line
Unknown Generations
Unknown Man
Gedovius Troyden
Gerard Troyden
Unknown Woman(s)
Edmund Thyssen
Alicja Troyden
Anna Troyden
Unknown Son 1
Unknown Son 2
Unknown Son 3
House of Thyssen

References Edit

  1. While the family name died out (the last member was Alicja, who married Edmund Thyssen) the line itself still survives under the Thyssen name.
  2. The Tower of the Swallow