House of the Night signet ring is a fancy gold ring with a fuchsia stone that is given to Geralt by Erkin von Blunt, Thaler's "mute" friend in Chapter III, during the banquet after a drinking contest loosens his tongue. Although this ring can not be bought initially, once acquired, it can be sold and then repurchased.

Associated Quests


  • Erkin von Blunt claims this ring nets you half price at the House of the Queen of the Night though Courtesans outside the brothel and the Blue-eyed lass will offer their services to you for 300 Items Oren.png instead of the normal 500 when you show them this ring.
  • The ring will get you past the bouncer blocking the stair to the 1st floor of the House of the Queen of the Night for free.
  • The ring can be safely sold after doing the quest Blue Eyes if you need the orens more than the discount.
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