Howler (Polish: Wyjec) is a powerful chort which has made its home near the village of Lindenvale.

Bestiary Entry

Here about the contract? Any idea what this monster is?
Naye, but proper huge it must be. Slaughtered no less than a dozen wolves
– Conversation overheard in Lindenvale
One is hard-pressed to name another area of our world more thoroughly riddled with monsters than Velen. There is on silver lining to this sad fact, however: the beasts living there must compete fiercely for hunting territory, meaning monsters often end up killing other monsters. An aggressive chort known as Howler went on just such a fratricidal rampage, tearing a pack of wolves to shreds before attacking and killing a fiend significantly larger than itself.
Howler was a truly fearsome foe. Each one of its blows was enough to kill - only heavy armor or the Quen Sign could protect one from mortal damage. Particularly to be avoided was its charge - and whenever possible, the monster was best attacked from the side.
Geralt slayed the Howler without much trouble, yet killing such a fierce fighter might very well have proved impossible, had not its previous conflicts with its monstrous kin weakened it considerably. The lesson, I suppose, is that when two monsters fight, a witcher wins.

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