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Hrodeberth was a solider from Nazair in the Nazairi Brigade, having been sent to fight for Nilfgaard during the Third Northern War in 1272. He was well known for having red hair, a very unusual trait to have for a Nilfgaardian, and which he inherited from his Mag Turga-born father.


While stationed at Nilfgaardian Army Group 'Center' Camp in Velen, he'd write home to his mother and fiancée once a week, so when his letters suddenly stopped arriving his mother knew something must have happened to him and showed up at the camp to find out, even if it meant he was dead. However, nobody would speak to her and she could tell the quartermaster, Tavar Eggebracht, was lying, saying her son went scouting and didn't return when she knew he was part of the light cavalry and was thus not a scout.

It turns out Hrodeberth was asked to do things that he felt were wrong, like being asked to kill prisoners of war. When he and his group could no longer take it they attempted to desert but the quartermaster found out and hanged the ones they caught while the rest fled into the swamps. Unfortunately for Hrodeberth, he was among those caught and hanged.

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  • His named is spelled two different ways: in the subtitles it's spelled Hrodberth, but in the quest objectives it's spelled Hrodeberth.
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