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Hugo of Rivia was the second prince consort of Bienvenu, queen of Temeria. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he fared much better than his predecessor, Ragbard, in the queen's bedchamber. Rumors were rampant that he had to work very hard to fulfill the expectations of the queen - hence the ever prying eyes and his rather famous reluctance for riding horses.

In any case, he succeeded where Ragbard had failed and Bienvenu became pregnant and bore a son, Medell, successor to the Temerian throne. As father to the heir, Hugo retained his position at the side of his queen until his death, which was quite possibly from sexual exhaustion by trying to give the queen a second child. In this he never did succeed, though his efforts were reportedly heroic. Many a rude song was sung about the prince's travails.

There were also rumors that the prince did not exactly lavish his son, Medell, nor his grandson, Foltest, with affection. Foltest, upon his accession to the throne, demanded that Hugo's portrait be removed from the throne room. He was also in the habit of "leaving out" references to Hugo in the discussions of family lineage - unlike his grandfather, Griffin, "Grandmama Bienvenu" and "Great-grandmama Clarissa".


  • Despite Foltest in Blood of Elves mentioning his grandfather, in reality he so despised Hugo that he was instead referring to his great-grandfather, Griffin.