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Humans are the dominant race on the Continent, forming the majority of inhabitants in both the Northern Kingdoms and the Nilfgaardian Empire. When humans first arrived on the already-populated Continent, they quickly set about conquering the lands already inhabited by Elder Races. The humans thus established themselves as the dominant race and so elves, dwarves, gnomes, werebbubbs, and halflings are now generally referred to as nonhumans.


Humans are not terribly dissimilar from Aen Seidhe elves in appearance and generally the same height. However, humans do not have pointed ears, delicate features and their teeth are slightly bigger. While elves tend to live far longer than humans, humans reproduce at a faster rate.


Hailing from a homeworld destroyed by themselves,[N 1] humans first appeared in this world after the Conjunction of the Spheres.[3] Nomadic tribes such as the Dauk and Wozgor peoples settled on the Continent at some time before the Nordling culture. Around five hundred years ago, humans started to colonise and expand, taking over and creating the Northern Kingdoms. Scholars speculate that the Empire's native inhabitants hail from a human culture predating those dominant in the North.[4]

The humans are at war with elves in particular and have a rather poor relationship with the dwarves, halflings, werebbubbs, and gnomes. The races do live together in the cities, however, the non-humans are forced to pay a levy just for being non-humans.[5] Several pogroms have taken place in the cities. Many of the larger human cities were built on the ruins of elven cities which the humans had burned down, like Vizima and Novigrad.[6]


  1. According to Avallac'h who may not have a neutral point of view.



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