So you got drunk and woke up in the harbor on the bank of the river... With a new tattoo on your neck. After finding out what happened the night before (intimidate the guy that finds you and bribe the Madame) To find the madame enter the tarvern and go downstairs to the brothel (in the rooms behind the fighting). She will explain what you did and tells you that 'the girl in blue' (Ves) was there to. She tried to stop you but to no avail. You are then told to seek her out. After doing so she will tell you that she gathered your belongings in a chest under the window. The chest itself is not in the room where ves is but in the room with the soldiers, open it to retrieve your lost items.

You should go and talk to Triss Merigold in the Tavern. She'll have a laugh at your expense and tell you she can remove the tattoo with the following.

But that doesn't give you a quest to complete. It is in fact a hidden quest. You have to have the ingredients to have the tattoo removed. All of which can be purchased in Lobinden just outside of flotsam from Anezka, who lives a bit away from the rest of the houses. Once you have all the required items go back and talk to Triss again.

There is no dialogue to remove the tattoo, however if you just select the "Do you know how to remove a Tattoo?" dialogue option, Geralt will say that he has the items she needs. You will then be given the option to remove it, or keep it. If you remove it (as I did, because that's one fugly tattoo) it will immediately dissappear.

You may also complete this with the same ingredients in Chapter 2 by giving these items to Síle de Tansarville.

Journal Entry

You may remember that Geralt decided to have a friendly drink with Roche's men. He awoke later on with a monstrous hangover and a nagging feeling that he had done something he should not have. He decided to learn the truth and questioned the madame.
Well, the get-together had gone so well that virtually all its participants had lost touch with reality. Only Ves had remained lucid and tried to rein in her friends and the witcher. To no avail. Geralt went to speak to the young woman.
So, what had happened? Believe it or not, in a drunken stupor, the witcher had his neck tattooed. From that raucous evening onward, he was forever to wear the brand of the Blue Stripes.
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