Ice trolls are a breed of semi-intelligent troll species adapted for the cold regions of the Northern Realms and Skellige. Unlike their rock and normal brethren, they usually cannot speak the Common Speech. Their bestiary entry is obtained by reading The World Underground.

Bestiary Entry

Our winter's cold and deep, frostbite eats your feet, snow falls down and hides the ground and ice trolls wake from sleep!
– folk song heard in northern Kaedwen
Climbing to the top of snow-covered peaks is never a safe endeavor. One can slip and fall into a ravine, be buried in an avalanche – or stumble across ice trolls. Unlike the rock trolls found at lower altitudes, these permafrost-dwelling monsters treat every man they encounter as a possible ingredient for a tasty meal.
Luckily ice trolls live atop high mountain ridges so inaccessible they rarely encounter humans, and some suppose this is why they have not mastered the basics of Common Speech. Others claim their harsh mountain home has stripped them of an ability they once possessed, for in a land of never-ending cold there is no room for mercy or understanding.
Ice trolls are crueler than their rocky kin. Though they use similar tactics in battle – tossing stones and swinging with their mighty fists – they are heartier and stronger than rock trolls and thus more dangerous. Like rock trolls, their backs are covered in thick protective armor, meaning one should never strike them from the rear. Meanwhile their mass means that the Aard Sign cannot move them. Lastly, never think of attacking them during a blizzard. At such times they draw power from the surrounding cold and fight with increased strength.

Combat Tactics

Some rock trolls can actually be reasoned with, making it possible for a witcher to avoid a fight altogether; but this is not the case with ice trolls. If you're forced into a fight with one, cast Quen and apply ogroid oil to your silver blade before the fight.

Trolls of both varieties are vicious fighters, and unfortunately must be fought head on. The armor of stone or ice on their backs armors them too well for flanking tactics. Running away from a troll does not guarantee safety, as they can throw stones with alarming speed and accuracy.

The power and weight behind every punch thrown by a troll means that they cannot be parried. A witcher must be adept at evasion, striking when the opportunities appear, and then dodging the inevitable counter-attack. Ice trolls become noticeably more powerful during snow storms. If you can avoid fighting them during such weather, do so.


  • Ice trolls, either due to an oversight or intentionally, do not appear to drop the cave troll liver.


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