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Ignis Fatuus is a monster in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is an ancient and powerful foglet living in a cave located in the bogs of Velen. The necessity of using moon dust cannot be overstated.

Bestiary Entry[]

Careful, sir, a monster prowls the bog. Enter the mist and ye'll never see home again!
Leslav, peat digger
The monster haunting the peat bogs of Velen turned out to be an ancient foglet. These are exceptionally long-lived creatures - some have even dwelt on this earth for over two hundred years, growing stronger and stronger all the while. Blows dealt by foglets of such an age carry so much power blocking them is out of the question. These foglets possess the ability to move extremely quickly, and not even Yrden can slow them down. Furthermore, they can meld completely into the mist, then suddenly rematerialize to strike from behind. Wearing heavy armor or making good use of the Quen Sign is highly recommended.
This ancient foglet proved particularly adept in the art of forming illusions. Only a professional monster slayer skilled with Signs and swords could best such a foe. Luckily, Geralt fit that description.

Associated Quest[]


  • Ignis Fatuus doesn't like to come out of the fog in his cave so one could use this to their advantage step out of the fog and heal up and go back in.
  • The use of Moondust in this fight in particular cannot be overlooked. Ignis Fatuus is a strong beast, and stopping his healing factor will give you enough leeway to take your time, dodge properly, and ultimately win the fight.
  • Drawing the creature out of the mist and using Axii to stun it can give an opportunity to land a few safe blows.