Igor de Sade's journal is a book in the Hearts of Stone expansion.

Journal Entry

[Notebook documenting research undertaken for the dissertation "On the Workings and Construction of Golems, Based on the Work of Master Alzur," written by Igor de Sade, a student at the Ban Ard Academy. Only a portion of the notes have survived.]
Day 134
I came across the remains of a destroyed golem in the swamps outside Vizima... Words cannot describe the rage that overcame me. The brickmakers who keep a settlement nearby told me this act of vandalism was perpetrated by some white-haired witcher. I had heard the members of that guild were vile whoresons, but to stoop to that!
Day 163
The idea struck me that I might find something of use in the Oxenfurt Academy archive. I managed, with great difficulty, to cross the Pontar, but once in Oxenfurt I met with an unpleasant surprise – the Academy has been closed! Luckily I was able to gain entry thanks to the help of a professor acquaintance of mine (thank you, Slavoy!). I thus was able to dig out a few dust-covered beauties and... eureka! Near the village of Heddel there's a tower which (purportedly) once served as a workshop to none other than Master Alzur himself!
Day 164
I made it to the tower. It's inhabited. A rather eccentric gentleman has made it a roost for his flock of... harpies. I saw him feed their chicks pork! Inconceivable! But let's return to our core concern. The tower which this loon has turned into a harpy nest truly might have once been Alzur's workshop. That means this might be the very place where he conducted his research into golems...
Day 165
It's here! Standing motionless in a stone circle! The local peasants think it's merely a strangely-formed boulder, but then again, how could such bumpkins ever guess they pass a masterpiece of magic construction on the way to feed their chickens! I've already fastened a lightning conductor. It's a shame there are no druids nearby. If I hadn't slept through my course on meteorological magic, I'd summon a storm myself, but as it is, I can but wait, patiently or otherwise...
Day 171
Been sitting on these cold stones waiting for a change in the weather so long my bowels have almost frozen, but it's finally here! I must stop writing now for drops are falling on my notebook and smearing my notes. The first rumblings of thunder sound in the distance! I cannot contain my excitement. Soon, the golem shall live again!
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