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Ildiko Breckl was a former student at Aretuza before being expelled in her third year due to petty thievery. She later met the exiled prince of Kerack, Viraxas, and the two became romantically involved.


Viraxas, intent on returning back to Kerack, hatched a plan with Ildiko and, in 1245 she became engaged to the king, Belohun, pretending to be a 17 year old (when she was actually 25) and due to marry in August.

When the slated date arrived, she'd given the king a necklace which, mere hours before they were due to wed, revealed its sinister purpose and strangled the king to death when put on. Almost immediately Viraxas appeared and declared himself king as his father had no will and his brothers were being charged with treason from an earlier, separate attempt on their father's life. Viraxas then brought up a centuries old law that stated he was allowed to marry his father's betrothed as Belohun's closest, unmarried relative. Despite the kingdom not even being old enough for such a law, nobody fought this and soon they were wed, making Ildiko queen.

However, still feeling hatred towards the sorceress Lytta Neyd, she and Viraxas passed many laws not even two weeks into being the new rulers. For Ildiko's part, she pushed a law that forbade any work in magic without the king's permission and, even then, mages were not allowed to own land or property in the kingdom and must have a license, or else leave the kingdom.

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