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The Imperial Palace, situated in the city of Nilfgaard, is the main residence of the Imperator of the Nilfgaardian Empire. The whole structure is guarded by the Impera Brigade, whose task is to protect the Emperor and his Court.

In the gardens of the palace there is a pond in which an ancient golden carp lived, released there by the former Emperor, Torres var Emreis. The carp bore a golden commemorative medal displaying Torres' likeness and the date 1135, when it was first released into the pond. When the venerable carp died, Emperor Emhyr var Emreis released a new carp into the pond which, in keeping with tradition, also bore a golden commemorative medal displaying his likeness and its date of introduction.[1]

Notable People[]


  • Throne room
  • Library
  • Emperor's apartments
  • Gardens


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