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Effect Incineration


Incineration is a critical effect with the following characteristics:

  • Continuous loss of vitality.
  • Active dodging of opponent attacks blocked.
  • Ability to parry enemy attacks blocked.
  • Special manoeuvres disabled.
  • Sign use blocked.
  • Susceptibility to Blinding critical effect increased.

Because opponents cannot dodge attacks while incinerated, this makes even a very agile opponent vulnerable to strong attack styles. The strong silver style is particularly effective against incinerated monsters, if one also puts skill points into Patinado (I, II, III).

Weapons Edit

The following weapons all increase incineration as a critical effect:

Incineration boosters Edit

Opponent Provides resistance Increases chance of inflicting
CharDev Dexterity 1 CharDev Dexterity 2 CharDev Dexterity 3 CharDev Dexterity 3 3 CharDev Dexterity 4 CharDev Dexterity 4 3CharDev Dexterity 5 Quest complete
CharDev Group silver 4 Quest complete
CharDev Igni 2 2 CharDev Igni 3 1 CharDev Igni 5 1 Quest complete
Runes Sun Quest complete

Opponents Edit

Ifrits and Hellhounds actually use incineration against Geralt.

Opponent Immune Resistant Susceptible
Frighteners Quest complete Quest failed
Golems Quest complete Quest failed
Hellhounds Quest complete Quest failed
Ifrits Quest complete Quest failed
Kikimore queens Quest complete Quest failed
Kikimore warriors Quest complete Quest failed
Dagon worshippers Quest failed Quest complete
Koshcheys Quest failed Quest complete
Werewolves Quest failed Quest complete
Archespores Quest failed Quest failed Quest complete
Bloedzuigers Quest failed Quest failed Quest complete
Echinopsae Quest failed Quest failed Quest complete
Strigas Quest failed Quest failed Quest complete
Zeugls Quest failed Quest failed Quest complete

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Edit

Tw2 effect burn

Opponents Edit

Potions Edit

  • Brock, decreases resistance but increases chance of inflicting with Igni
  • Golden Oriole, increases resistance
  • Maribor Forest, decreases chance of inflicting
  • Virga, increases resistance but decreases chance of inflicting
  • Wolf, increases chance of inflicting

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See: Fire (critical effect)

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