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Ingrid Vegelbud was the daughter of Patricia Vegelbud, mother of Albert, and the leader of the Vegelbud family.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In the quest Carnal Sins, Lady Vegelbud's estate is graced by the arrival of Geralt of Rivia, who warns that a serial killer is targeting her mother. Though skeptical, Ingrid nonetheless agrees to check on Patricia. When they reach Patricia's bedroom, Ingrid assumes from the closed door that all is well, though Geralt insists that she go inside.

Upon opening the door, Ingrid sees her mother dead, stripped naked and cuffed to the bed as the killer flees. Geralt gives chase but the confusion among the guards led them to mistake him for the culprit, resulting the witcher being detained and allowing the real killer to escape. Ingrid rebukes her guard for his ineptitude, who releases Geralt. Geralt then requests to inspect her mother's body, as the killer usually left a note on the body. Ingrid granted him permission and left him alone, not wanting to see her mother in her current state.

In the quest A Matter of Life and Death, Ingrid requests Triss' aid in smuggling her son Albert from her estate past the witch hunters in exchange for her support in helping the mages escape Novigrad.

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  • Her reaction to Geralt in each quest changes if they met in the other quest. For example, if Carnal Sins is completed before A Matter of Life and Death, she'll recognize Geralt and is happy he's helping.
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